Thor by Walt Simonson Omnibus

By | November 21, 2017
Thor by Walt Simonson Omnibus Author Walt Simonson
ISBN-10 1302908871
ISBN-13 9781302908874
Year 2017-10-17
Pages 1192
Language English
Publisher Marvel
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Considered by many to be the greatest run on Thor ever Walt Simonson s classic tales of the God of Thunder are collected here completely remastered from the original artwork and newly colored by Steve Oliff And there are too many timeless tales to count The Casket of Ancient Winters The death of Odin The origins of Asgard The sacrifice of the Executioner Thor as a frog The Mutant Massacre The curse of Hela The debut of Thor s body armor Guest starring Beta Ray Bill Nick Fury and the Avengers Featuring the threats of Fafnir the dragon Loki Lorelei Malekith the Dark Elf Surtur Hela the Titanium Man Kurse Zaniac the Marauders the Absorbing Man Fin Fang Foom the Destroyer and the Midgard Serpent COLLECTING THOR 337 355 357 369 371 382 BALDER THE BRAVE 1 4

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