The Whartons’ Stretch Book: Featuring the Breakthrough Method of Active-Isolated Stretching

By | October 16, 2019
The Whartons' Stretch Book: Featuring the Breakthrough Method of Active-Isolated Stretching Author Jim Wharton
ISBN-10 0812926234
ISBN-13 9780812926231
Year 1996-07-09
Pages 253
Language English
Publisher TimesBooks (Random House)
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Whether you re a serious competitor or weekend warrior you know that proper stretching before and after your workout can improve your performance increase your flexibility help prevent injury and make you feel better But did you know that the traditional way of stretching lock your knees bounce hold hurt hold longer actually makes muscles tighter and more prone to injury There s a new and better way to stretch Active Isolated Stretching And with The Whartons Stretch Book the method used successfully by scores of professional amateur and Olympic athletes is now available to everyone This groundbreaking technique developed by researchers coaches and trainers and pioneered by Jim and Phil Wharton is your new exercise prescription The routine is simple First you prepare to stretch one isolated muscle at a time Then you actively contract the muscle opposite the isolated muscle which will then relax in preparation for its stretch You stretch it gently and quickly for no more than two seconds and release it before it goes into its protective contraction Then you repeat Simple but the results are outstanding The Whartons Stretch Book explains it all Part I contains the Active Isolated Stretch Catalog with fully illustrated easy to follow stretches for each of five body zones from neck and shoulders to trunk arms and legs over fifty stretches in all Part II offers specific stretching prescriptions for over fifty five sports and activities from running tennis track and aerobics to skiing skating and swimming You ll also find advice on stretching for daily activities such as driving working at a desk lifting and keyboarding Part III discusses stretching for life with specific recommendations for expectant mothers and older athletes It also includes specific stretching exercises that could help you avoid unnecessary surgery Give Active Isolated Stretching a try for three weeks You ll never go back to your old stretching routines again

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