The Undercover Economist

By | June 23, 2017
The Undercover Economist Author Tim Harford
ISBN-10 0345494016
ISBN-13 9780345494016
Year 2007-01-30
Pages 265
Language English
Publisher Random House Trade Paperbacks
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The economy isnt a bunch of rather dull statistics with names like GDP gross domestic product notes Tim Harford columnist and regular guest on NPRs Marketplace economics is about who gets what and why In this acclaimed and riveting bookpart expos part users manualthe astute and entertaining columnist from the Financial Times demystifies the ways in which money works in the world From why the coffee in your cup costs so much to why efficiency is not necessarily the answer to ensuring a fair society from improving health care to curing crosstown trafficall the dirty little secrets of dollars and cents are delightfully revealed by The Undercover Economist A rare specimen a book on economics that will enthrall its readers It brings the power of economics to life Steven D Levitt coauthor of FreakonomicsA playful guide to the economics of everyday life and as such is something of an elder sibling to Steven Levitts wild child the hugely successful Freakonomics The EconomistA tour de force If you need to be convinced of the everrelevant and fascinating nature of economics read this insightful and witty book Jagdish Bhagwati author of In Defense of GlobalizationThis is a book to savor The New York TimesHarford writes like a dream From his book I found out why theres a Starbucks on every corner and how not to get duped in an auction Reading The Undercover Economist is like spending an ordinary day wearing X ray goggles David Bodanis author of Electric UniverseMuch wit and wisdom The Houston ChronicleFrom Publishers Weekly Nattily packaged the cover sports a Roy Lichtensteinesque image of an economist in Dick Tracy garb and cleverly written this book applies basic economic theory to such modern phenomena as Starbucks pricing system and Microsoft s stock values While the concepts explored are those encountered in Microeconomics 101 Harford gracefully explains abstruse ideas like pricing along the demand curve and game theory using real world examples without relying on graphs or jargon The book addresses free market economic theory but Harford is not a complete apologist for capitalism he shows how companies from Amazon com to Whole Foods to Starbucks have gouged consumers through guerrilla pricing techniques and explains the high rents in London it has more to do with agriculture than one might think Harford comes down soft on Chinese sweatshops acknowledging conditions in factories are terrible but sweatshops are better than the horrors that came before them and a step on the road to something better Perhaps but Harford doesn t question whether communism or a capitalist style industrial revolution are the only two choices available in modern economies That aside the book is unequaled in its accessibility and ability to show how free market economic forces affect readers day to day Copyright Reed Business Information a division of Reed Elsevier Inc All rights reserved From Bookmarks MagazineHarford exposes the dark underbelly of capitalism in Undercover Economist Compared with Steven Levitts and Stephen J Dubners popular Freakonomics July Aug 2005 the book uses simple playful examples written in plain English to elucidate complex economic theories Critics agree that the book will grip readers interested in understanding free market forces but disagree about Harfords approach Some thought the author mastered the small ideas while keeping in sight the larger context of globalization others faulted Harford for failing to criticize certain economic theories and to ground his arguments in political organizational structures Either way his case studiessome entertaining others indicative of times to comewill make you think twice about that cup of coffee Copyright 2004 Phillips Nelson Media Inc

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