The Sword of Truth, Boxed Set III, Books 7-9: The Pillars of Creation, Naked Empire, Chainfire

By | November 26, 2017
The Sword of Truth, Boxed Set III, Books 7-9: The Pillars of Creation, Naked Empire, Chainfire Author Terry Goodkind
ISBN-10 0765356856
ISBN-13 9780765356857
Year 2006-10-03
Pages 2405
Language English
Publisher Tor Fantasy
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This Mass Market Boxed Set is the Third Boxed Set of The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind The Box Set includes Pillars of Creation 0 765 34074 7Naked Empire 0 765 34430 7Chainfire 0 765 34431 9Book 7 Pillars of CreationSequel to the New York Times bestselling Faith of the FallenNew York Times bestselling author Terry Goodkind has created his most lavish adventure yet Tormented her entire life by inhuman voices a young woman named Lauren seeks to end her intolerable agony She at last discovers a way to silence the voices For everyone else the torment is about to begin With winter descending and the paralyzing dread of an army of annihilation occupying their homeland Richard Rahl and his wife Kahlan must venture deep into a strange and desolate land Their quest turns to terror when they find themselves the helpless prey of a tireless hunter Meanwhile Lauren finds herself drawn into the center of a struggle for conquest and revenge Worse yet she finds her will seized by forces more abhorrent than anything she ever envisioned Only then does she come to realize that the voices were real Staggered by loss and increasingly isolated Richard and Kahlan must stop the relentless unearthly threat which has come out of the darkest night of the human soul To do so Richard will be called upon to face the demons stalking among the Pillars of Creation Discover breathtaking adventure and true nobility of spirit Find out why millions of readers the world over have elevated Terry Goodkind to the ranks of legend Book 8 Naked EmpireBeginning with Wizard s First Rule and continuing with six subsequent fantasy masterpieces Terry Goodkind has thrilled and awed millions of readers worldwide Now Goodkind returns with a broad canvas adventure of epic intrigue violent conflict and terrifying peril for the beautiful Kahlan Amnell and her husband the heroic Richard Rahl the Sword of Truth Richard Rahl has been poisoned Saving an empire from annihilation is the price of the antidote With the shadow of death looming near the empire crumbling before the invading hordes and time running out Richard is offered not only his own life but the salvation of a people in exchange for delivering his wife Kahlan into bondage to the enemy Book 9 ChainfireWith Wizard s First Rule and seven subsequent masterpieces Terry Goodkind has thrilled readers worldwide with the unique sweep of his storytelling Now Goodkind returns with a new novel of Richard and Kahlan the beginning of a sequence of three novels that will bring their epic story to its culmination After being gravely injured in battle Richard awakes to discover Kahlan missing To his disbelief no one remembers the woman he is frantically trying to find Worse no one believes that she really exists or that he was ever married Alone as never before he must find the woman he loves more than life itself if she is even still alive If she was ever even real

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