The Square Donut

By | June 12, 2017
The Square Donut Author Lauren Crane
ISBN-10 0998728705
ISBN-13 9780998728704
Year 2017-05-11
Pages 254
Language English
Publisher Backyard Bird Publishing
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Sugar One question one word sweeps Toby Renfrew onto loves uncharted path when a hitchhiker named Carolina plants her skinny butt at the donut counter and orders up a jelly filled Row up to the shore of the Great Lake Erie step over the dead fish and enter the world of Toby Renfrew future heiress reluctant to The Precinct Donut Emporium home of the square donut with the amazing pink icing The year is 1977 The Vietnam War is a fresh scar on Americas wrist John Travolta makes white double knit dance And 17 year old Tobys hellishly dull life takes an unexpected turn when Carolinas thumb lands her in Dishrag Ohio Toby finds herself attracted to Carolina in every way from her ice blue Grace Slick eyes to her searing hot intensity Coinciding with her willing seduction by Carolina Toby s father unwittingly asks if shed be generous enough to share her room with the poor homeless girl Tobys brother Friday spews his coffee at the suggestion Her Auntie Flo a bible toting member of the Christ Almighty Baptist Church weighs in as does the homophobic local fuzz Officer Wheedle who wants a piece of Carolina for himself But when death casts its shadow across the threshold of The Precinct and Carolina goes back home to face her demons Toby is left to grapple with her own Can she find the courage to claim the life and the love that she desires Exploring the warmth and sweetness of life and the pain of loss with both empathy and humor The Square Donutis a story of love death and donuts

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