The Florida Move Guide: The Unofficial Moving to Florida Warning, Decision and Help Guide

By | January 4, 2018
The Florida Move Guide: The Unofficial Moving to Florida Warning, Decision and Help Guide Author Ron Stack
ISBN-10 0985779209
ISBN-13 9780985779207
Year 2013-03-25
Pages 172
Language English
Publisher Zeus Press Incorporated
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In a national Gallup Poll done in 2013 only 11 of Floridians said Florida was the best state to live in Yet from my experience of selling homes for more than a decade to people moving in and out of Florida I can tell you that nearly 100 of people moving to Florida think it s the best state to live in Why is there such a gap between what people think before they move to Florida and after they ve live in the state a while Because the reality of living in Florida is often far different than what people perceive it will be like There are two ways to learn about all of the negatives of living in Florida Before you ve spent the time money and effort to move there or after How many people have permanently moved to Florida only to learn it was a mistake and moved out A University of Florida study on migration in and out of Florida published in 2009 showed that 13 164 695 people moved to Florida during the study period and 9 540 260 moved out In the Florida Move Guide you ll learn the actual reasons people who made permanent relocation s to Florida gave me for wanting to sell and move out of Florida You ll also learn what you can do to improve your odds of a successful long term relocation to the Sunshine State When researching a move to Florida most of the information you ll find will present a 100 positive picture of life in Florida Lots of people are hard at work everyday to sell the Florida dream It s their job they get paid to sell it and there s nothing wrong with that But most of them are paid to represent the best interest of someone other than you So you can understand why they may not want to discuss the negatives of living in Florida The Florida Move Guide is very different It wasn t written to sell you on moving to Florida There are a lot people who sell in Florida that would prefer you didn t read the Florida Move Guide Protect yourself and your family and learn if living in Florida is really right for you Learn how to avoid making costly common Florida move mistakes Take the stress and uncertainty out of your life altering move with the 1 book on moving to Florida A popular saying by Florida promoters is that over a 1000 people a day move there What you won t hear them say is that over a 1000 people a day pack up and move out of the Sunshine State every day too That s supposed to be a secret The author of this book has sold hundreds of homes for people that wanted to move out of the state He noticed that most sellers had very similar complaints about living there and the reasons why they had to get out Despite visiting Florida many times before they moved there most of the negatives of living in the state did not reveal themselves until after they spent a fortune to move there They also explained how disruptive and expensive moving there and moving out was but they disliked Florida so much they just had to do it Of course this doesn t happen to everyone There are many that love it and stay long term That is covered in the book too because many of them have the same things in common that you should also know about The Florida Move Guide explains both the positives and negatives of becoming a Florida Resident It also offers many practical tips and explains the different Florida Lifestyle options Should you move to a home or condo Pool or not Learn helpful information on buying a home or condo in Florida and how to avoid making expensive but common new resident mistakes Will moving to Florida be the best move of your life or an expensive disaster Find out before you commit to a life altering move

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