The Essential DISC Training Workbook: Companion to the DISC Profile Assessment (Volume 1)

By | December 9, 2017
The Essential DISC Training Workbook: Companion to the DISC Profile Assessment (Volume 1) Author Jason Hedge
ISBN-10 0615736394
ISBN-13 9780615736396
Year 2012-12-28
Pages 120
Language English
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DISCover who you are and how to connect better with others around you with the DISC profile test assessment Foreword by Danny Silk In order to understand your relationships with other people you must first understand yourself Achievers throughout history have one thing in common they know themselves This means they don t underestimate what they can do they don t sell themselves short and they know their own limitations More importantly by understanding themselves they are able to develop plans to overcome their shortcomings and take full advantage of their strengths to improve their communication and effectiveness with others The DISC Assessment measures observable behavior Behaviors are the how of your life and are apparent in the things you do and how you act Whether you know it or not these behaviors are so predictable that to react differently requires conscious effort and focused attention This workbook will not only walk you through the values of the four primary behavioral types but will also introduce your Leadership Aptitudes These Aptitudes highlight the strengths inherent in each dimension of your behavioral style After completing this workbook you will have a better understanding of yourself and the value others can add to your life Includes a FREE mini assessment that will introduce you to your DISC style To maximize the learning process the DISC Assessment for the Workplace sold separately is available at DISC U org and is recommended but not required This workbook includes over 100 pages of helpful information and activations to engage you in the learning process Workbook Sections include DISC Fact Sheets to better understand your Primary Type and what value the other three types bringInsight Sections to connect the information with people you already know to begin to understand them betterLeadership Aptitude section to identify your leadership styleDISC Team Wheel to plot your team s primary style together

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