The Eleventh Hour

By | June 20, 2017
The Eleventh Hour Author Mrs. Apri Marie Libs
ISBN-10 1540490432
ISBN-13 9781540490438
Year 2016-11-17
Pages 322
Language English
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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SHE NEVER INTENDED on becoming the other woman In fact Addison loathed the backstabbing adulteress that ripped a marriage to shreds tore the once faithful man from the clutches of his one true love watched their well intended vows crumble to the ground with no hope of ever being resurrected Addison knew once she slept with a married man she wouldn t be able to wipe the act clean from her slate She couldn t erase the moment from her timeline She would forever be marked with the dreaded scarlet letter Was Addison willing to mar her inner being to slide into the shadows with a man whom she d only met weeks before knowing full well he had a beautiful unsuspecting wife waiting in the wings to welcome him home Was he worth throwing away her moral compass her elevated standards every ethical value her parents took years upon years to instill Addison s moral conscious adamantly stomped her feet screaming at the top of her lungs You haven t yet stepped over that line Leave now while you still can But Addison felt like she didn t have a full depiction of the entire circumstance and until she did she would advance forward with extreme caution as the thought lingered in the back of her mind like a malevolent premonition If you play with fire you will get burned

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