The Distance

By | January 14, 2020
The Distance Author Jeremy Robinson
ISBN-10 194153919X
ISBN-13 9781941539194
Year 2016-11-19
Pages 418
Language English
Publisher Breakneck Media
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THEIR JOURNEY BEGINS The human race has turned to dust August Morrison faces it after rising from the depths of a dark matter research facility in Arizona His co workers His daughter All of them dust Friends and colleagues around the world don t answer their phones The city of Phoenix burns He is alone As a world without mankind starts to crumble August fights not just for survival but for his very sanity On the other side of the country Poe McDowell watches her parents crumble into dust just moments after being shoved inside a coffin like device that spares her from the same fate She emerges to find not just her mother and father but also her neighbors her entire town s human population reduced to grit Unlike August she s not entirely alone but the life growing in her belly isn t much company Then hope A drunken and desperate August broadcasts over the ham radio network and connects with his fellow survivor Poe alone and pregnant in a snow blanketed New Hampshire Determined to reach her August sets out on a cross country trek But the world is not as empty as it seems Lights in the sky reveal that they are not alone The human race s demise was not natural and the architects are searching for survivors AT THE END Jeremy Robinson whose stories have been compared to Michael Crichton James Rollins and Stephen King is the international bestselling master of stories featuring mind bending imagination terrifying monsters and high octane action With The Distance he is joined by his wife Hilaree Robinson whose passionate writing and characters make this novel a truly unique and exciting experience that will leave readers both enthralled and moved

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