The Case Against the Supreme Court

By | December 1, 2017
The Case Against the Supreme Court Author Erwin Chemerinsky
ISBN-10 0143128000
ISBN-13 9780143128007
Year 2015-09-29
Pages 400
Language English
Publisher Penguin Books
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Both historically and in the present the Supreme Court has largely been a failure In this devastating book Erwin Chemerinskyone of the shining lights of legal academia The New York Times shows how case by case for over two centuries the hallowed Court has been far more likely to uphold government abuses of power than to stop them Drawing on a wealth of rulings some famous others little known he reviews the Supreme Courts historic failures in key areas including the refusal to protect minorities the upholding of gender discrimination and the neglect of the Constitution in times of crisis from World War I through 9 11 No one is better suited to make this case than Chemerinsky He has studied taught and practiced constitutional law for thirty years and has argued before the Supreme Court With passion and eloquence Chemerinsky advocates reforms that could make the system work better and he challenges us to think more critically about the nature of the Court and the fallible men and women who sit on it

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