The Aiki Singularity: Transformative Power

By | October 12, 2017
The Aiki Singularity: Transformative Power Author S. E. Meredith
ISBN-10 1541122313
ISBN-13 9781541122314
Year 2016-12-17
Pages 154
Language English
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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The commanding heights of genius in any field seem remote but it is written What man has done man can do THE AIKI SINGULARITY is an analytical probe into the common foundation of internal power conditioning that connects the unearthly martial skills of peerless Japanese martial arts phenomenon Sagawa Yukiyoshi 1902 1998 to the legendary internal masters of 19th century China THE AIKI SINGULARITY deconstructs and reassembles the hidden energy that unites all internal martial arts training and teaches radically simple experiential methods for understanding and maximizing the universal power Key movements and essential insights from Tai Chi Xing Yi Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu and other arts are assembled into three exceptionally effective regimens of internal conditioning Each regimen consists of a primary drill and a cluster of related supplemental extensions that deepen and massively intensify the energy experience of each The work is supported by voluminous references to the writings and teachings of legendary old time masters of the internal arts Is this an advanced book Yes and No Yes in the simple sense that some terminology from prior works is used though everything is explained as needed here too No in the most important sense that you can do every drill in this book without any background in other materials in fact without any background in energy martial arts at all The drills are profound in their effects but extremely simple safe and pleasant to perform There are no long sequences of memorized movements and the drills do not require a large practice space a long time commitment or any special equipment and clothing They can be performed by anybody of any degree of athletic ability including none whatsoever But despite their simplicity and ease they will develop your internal energy fundamentals more deeply strongly and quickly than many full systems that require decades of expensive onerous drudgery This book will be a revelation for students of Qi Gong Tai Chi Aikido or Kung Fu and for anybody else who is seeking an adventure of inner exploration and power enhancement Table of Contents Introduction The ARC Model The AIKI Enigma The AIKI Training Condition The ARC Drills ACCUMULATE Core Drill Relaxation Santishi Inner Activation Hips The Forward Arm Flow Hip Check REBOUND Core Drill Grounding Cat Step Shiko A Work Stages Cat Step Shiko A Energetic Experience Cat Step Shiko B Preliminaries Cat Step Shiko B Method Cat Step Shiko B Energetics The Daling Throttle Grip Forearm Pressure Mode The Short Fist Wave High Foot Raise Angled Leg Extension Friction Step Shiko Tai Chi Quiet Standing Opening Raise Hands Stepping Turn Repulse Monkey The AIKI Singularity CATCH Core Drill Extension Bengquan External Mechanics Energetics Fist Closing Fist Angling Arrow Concept Bengquan Wheel NULLIFICATION Defensive Nullification Offensive Nullification Comeback Nullification Conclusion APPENDIX A Jade Pillow APPENDIX B Tai Chi Mahamudra Bibliography

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