Southern Spirits: Vol 1

By | June 28, 2017
Southern Spirits: Vol 1 Author Bailey Bradford
ISBN-10 1784308102
ISBN-13 9781784308100
Year 2015-09-01
Pages 360
Language English
Publisher Pride Publishing
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A Subtle BreezeEzekiel Matthers and Brendon Shanahan are about to find out that sometimes all it takes is a subtle breeze to shift the winds of fate Ezekiel Matthers is a reclusive man forcing himself into the exile of his ranch after a violent assault left him wounded While the scars on the outside have faded the damage inside is much harder to conquer Zeke resigns himself to a solitary existence aside from his sister Enessa and of course his mama s occasional visits Brendon Shanahan has a very meddling cousin Gloria who is best buds with Enessa Matthers When the two women convince Brendon that he should hook up with the reclusive Zeke a plan is hatched that sets a series of events into motion with potentially deadly consequences Can Ezekiel conquer his fears and accept what Brendon is offering Or will Brendon walk away giving up on the love he has waited for And will the visits from Zeke s mama deceased for four years now help the two men find their way to each other Only time will tell and that may be the one thing the lovers don t have because someone is out to destroy everything Zeke and Brendon hold dear and this time the bad guy just might succeed When the Dead SpeakThe only way to stay alive is to listen when the dead speakSheriff Laine Stenley thinks he might just be losing his mind Ever since he d encountered the spirit of his friend s deceased mother strange things have been happening His sheriff s tin star keeps popping off his Stetson tends to fly off his head at the most inconvenient timesand then there are the subtle caresses that remind him of a lover s touch Something Laine has been without for yearssince the violent murder of his partnerand figures to be without well into the future if he wants to retain his position as the sheriff in the small town of McKinton Texas Laine doesn t want to risk his career or his heart ever again but he may not have a choice not if he wants to stay alive A man who listens to spirits Severo has come to McKinton to deliver a message of danger One look at the sexy sheriff and Severo finds himself in a different sort of danger He s not ready to find a man who can claim him heart soul and body but ready or not the attraction that simmers between them is undeniableand irresistible Together they will race against time because something evil is coming to McKinton Severo and Laine must learn to trust each otherand themselves and listen when the dead speak

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