Shame Unmasked: Disarming the Hidden Driver Behind Our Destructive Decisions

By | February 6, 2018
Shame Unmasked: Disarming the Hidden Driver Behind Our Destructive Decisions Author Rick Patterson
ISBN-10 0998875309
ISBN-13 9780998875309
Year 2017-05-10
Pages 220
Language English
Publisher CFC Publishing
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Have you ever heard the saying Youre your own worst enemy Thats true for so many of us we get off track because of internal shame and self contempt Over the past 10 years Rick Pattersons mission has been to understand why we do what we do and why we so often get in our own way In researching this topic Rick noticed that our mistakes and failures often play an important role in directing our future Its a vicious cycle that seems impossible to break Fortunately Rick has identified the hidden driver behind most of our destructive decisions shame He shares valuable insights and stories from his own life which illustrate shames corrosive influence as well as strategies for overcoming it What if we could learn how to hone in on our internal roadblocks and change course Understanding how much shame drives our actions and harms our relationships can help us begin the process of living the life we want to live not the one dictated to us by our psychology When you read Shame Unmasked you will discover the source of your internal critic that often presents itself as fear depression or poor self esteem Once that is accomplished you no longer need to fortify a false self but can begin to live into your own real path to success

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