Programming Pearls (2nd Edition)

By | December 3, 2017
Programming Pearls (2nd Edition) Author Jon Bentley
ISBN-10 0201657880
ISBN-13 9780201657883
Year 1999-10-07
Pages 256
Language English
Publisher Addison-Wesley Professional
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The first edition of Programming Pearls was one of the most influential books I read early in my career and many of the insights I first encountered in that book stayed with me long after I read it Jon has done a wonderful job of updating the material I am very impressed at how fresh the new examples seem Steve McConnell When programmers list their favorite books Jon Bentley s collection of programming pearls is commonly included among the classics Just as natural pearls grow from grains of sand that irritate oysters programming pearls have grown from real problems that have irritated real programmers With origins beyond solid engineering in the realm of insight and creativity Bentley s pearls offer unique and clever solutions to those nagging problems Illustrated by programs designed as much for fun as for instruction the book is filled with lucid and witty descriptions of practical programming techniques and fundamental design principles It is not at all surprising that Programming Pearls has been so highly valued by programmers at every level of experience In this revision the first in 14 years Bentley has substantially updated his essays to reflect

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