Office Girl

By | June 29, 2017
Office Girl Author Joe Meno
ISBN-10 9781617750762
ISBN-13 9781617750762
Year 2012-07-03
Pages 224
Language English
Publisher Akashic Books
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Meno s tender hip funny and imaginative portrayal of two Chicago misfits dramatizes that anguished and awkward passage between legal age and actual adulthood Booklist Core Collection New Adult Fiction Named Best New Novel by a Chicagoan and Best Book for the Disillusioned Artist in All of Us by the Chicago ReaderSelected by The Believer s readers as a favorite fiction work of 2012One of DailyCandy s Best Books of 2012 An off kilter romance doubles as an art movement in Joe Meno s novel The novel reads as a parody of art school types and as a tribute to their devil may care spirit Meno impressively captures post adolescent female angst and insecurity Fresh and funny the images also encapsulate the mortification confusion and excitement that define so many 20 something existences The New York Times Book Review Wonderful storytelling panache Odile is a brash moody likable young woman navigating the obstacles of caddish boyfriends and lousy jobs embarking on the sort of sentimental journey that literary heroines have been making since Fanny Burney s Evelina in the 1770s Tenderhearted Jack is the awkward quiet sort that the women in Jane Austen s novels overlook until book s end He is obsessed with tape recording Chicago s ambient noises so that he can simulate the city in the safety of his bedroom a single town he has invented made of nothing but sound Mr Meno excels at capturing the way that budding love can make two people feel brave and freshly alive to their surroundings the story of the relationship has a sweet simplicity The Wall Street Journal In Joe Meno s new novel set in the last year of the 20th century art school dropout Odile Neff and amateur sound artist Jack Blevins work deadening office jobs gush about indie rock French film and obscure comic book artists and gradually start a relationship that doubles as an art movement They are in other words the 20 something doyens of pop culture and their tale of promiscuous roommates on again off again exes and awkward sex is punctuated on the page by cute little doodles black and white photographs of say a topless woman in a Stormtrooper mask and monologues that could easily pass for Belle Sebastian lyrics It doesnt pay to be a dreamer because all they really want you to do is answer the phone Publishers Weekly Pick of the Week Meno has constructed a snowflake delicate inquiry into alienation and longing Illustrated with drawings and photographs and shaped by tender empathy buoyant imagination and bittersweet wit this wistful provocative off kilter love story affirms the bonds forged by art and story Booklist starred review No one dies in Office Girl Nobody talks about the international political situation There is no mention of any economic collapse Nothing takes place during a World War Instead this novel is about young people doing interesting things in the final moments of the last century Odile is a lovely twenty three year old art school dropout a minor vandal and a hopeless dreamer Jack is a twenty five year old shirker who s most happy capturing the endless noises of the city on his out of date tape recorder Together they decide to start their own art movement in defiance of a contemporary culture made dull by both the tedious and the obvious Set in February 1999just before the end of one world and the beginning of anotherOffice Girl is the story of two people caught between the uncertainty of their futures and the all too brief moments of modern life Joe Meno s latest novel also features black and white illustrations by renowned artist Cody Hudson and photographs by visionary photographer Todd Baxter

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