No bullshit guide to linear algebra

By | November 20, 2017
No bullshit guide to linear algebra Author Ivan Savov
ISBN-10 0992001021
ISBN-13 9780992001025
Year 2017-04-02
Pages 550
Language English
Publisher Minireference Co.
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Linear algebra is the foundation of science and engineering Knowledge of linear algebra is a prerequisite for studying statistics machine learning computer graphics signal processing chemistry economics quantum mechanics and countless other applications Indeed linear algebra offers a powerful toolbox for modelling the real world The NO BULLSHIT GUIDE TO LINEAR ALGEBRA shows the connections between the computational techniques of linear algebra their geometric interpretations and the theoretical foundations This university level textbook contains lessons on linear algebra written in a style that is precise and concise Each concept is illustrated through definitions formulas diagrams explanations and examples of real world applications Readers build their math superpowers by solving practice problems and learning to use the computer algebra system SymPy to speed up tedious matrix arithmetic tasks The book explains the concepts in a way that gives a strong intuitive understanding Joe Nestor student Its very well written and a fun read Felix Kwok professor I used this book in multiple big data courses when I needed a deeper understanding of the material Zane Zakraisek student The author Ivan Savov combines 15 years of tutoring experience with a B Eng in electrical engineering an M Sc in physics and a Ph D in computer science from McGill University

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