Money, Murder, and Dominick Dunne: A Life in Several Acts

By | November 4, 2019
Money, Murder, and Dominick Dunne: A Life in Several Acts Author Robert Hofler
ISBN-10 352
Year 2017-04-18
Pages Dominick Dunne seemed to live his entire adult life in the public eye but in this biography Robert Hofler reveals a conflicted enigmatic man who reinvented himself again and again As a television and film producer in the 1950s1970s hobnobbing with Humphrey Bogart and Natalie Wood he found success and crushing failure in a pitiless Hollywood As a Vanity Fair journalist covering the lives of the rich and powerful he mesmerized readers with his detailed coverage of spectacular murder casesO J Simpson the Menendez brothers Michael Skakel Phil Spector and Claus von Blow He had his own television show Dominick Dunne s Power Privilege and Justic His five best selling novels including The Two Mrs Grenvilles People Like Us and An Inconvenient Woman were inspired by real lives and scandals The brother of John Gregory Dunne and brother in law of Joan Didion he was a friend and confidante of many literary luminaries Dunne also had the ear of some of the world s most famous women among them Princess Diana Nancy Reagan Liz Smith Barbara Walters and Elizabeth Taylor Dunne admitted to inventing himself and it was that public persona he wrote about in his own memoir The Way We Lived Then Left out of that account but brought to light here were his intense rivalry with his brother John Gregory the gay affairs and relationships he had throughout his marriage and beyond and his fights with editors at Vanity Fair Robert Hofler also reveals the painful rift in the family after the murder of Dominick s daughter Dominiquecompounded by his coverage of her killer s trial which launched his career as a reporter
Language English
Publisher University of Wisconsin Press
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