Mindset Breakthrough: Achieve Weight-Loss Surgery Success

By | June 19, 2017
Mindset Breakthrough: Achieve Weight-Loss Surgery Success Author Beth Bianca
ISBN-10 0692806156
ISBN-13 9780692806159
Year 2016-11-23
Pages 86
Language English
Publisher Blue Pluto Publishing
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Discoverthe Freedom of Not Being Controlled by FoodBeth Bianca Had Weight Loss Surgery and Lost a Total of 224 Pounds by Breaking Through Her Old Mindset Learn 8 Steps to Break Through Your Lifelong Food Behaviors If weight loss surgery helps you lose weight why do so many people gain their weight back Having weight loss surgery isn t a lifetime fix If you keep thinking the same way you always have chances are you ll end up back where you always were Having bariatric surgery isn t enough You have to change the way you look at and feel about food Inside Mindset Breakthrough Achieve Weight Loss Surgery Success Beth shares real life examples and the steps she took to overcome the mind games after having bariatric surgery Although her stomach was smaller she still had the same cravings and impulse food desires she always had It was embarrassing for her to see how much of her life revolved around food During Beth s transformation she discovered the key to unlocking her old ways of thinking and food behaviors Now you can learn the same 8 Steps Beth used and break through your own patterns As you read and apply these steps to your life you will become empowered to take control over your life and finally find freedom from your self defeating habits Beth explains What needs to be done for weight loss surgery success How to develop the mindset to DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE How to end the self inflicted frustration you have lived with all of your life and feel the freedom of not being controlled by food once and for all Mindset Breakthrough is written in easy to understand concise actionable steps Beth simply states If I could it so can you Would you like to know more Scroll to the top of the page and click on the Add to Cart button

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