LLC, Limited Liability Company: Quick Start Beginner’s Guide To Limited Liability Companies

By | June 21, 2017
LLC, Limited Liability Company: Quick Start Beginner’s Guide To Limited Liability Companies Author Chris Cohen
ISBN-10 1536930482
ISBN-13 9781536930481
Year 2016-08-07
Pages 146
Language English
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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This book LLC Quick Start Beginners Guide To Limited Liability Companies is a good guide for you to follow if you want to enter into business and you are not sure how to go about it It indicates the advantages that an LLC has over other forms of businesses like sole proprietorships partnerships and even corporations You will also learn how to operate within the law and yet avoid unnecessary expenses through taxation and administrative costs In a nutshell LLC takes you through the basics of forming an LLC and answers most of the questions that disturb a new investor The information in the book leaves you feeling confident of being able to initiate your own company financing it running it and even distributing profits in a manner that is sustainable In this book you will learn The basics of forming a Limited Liability Company LLC How to choose a name for your LLC Where and how to get funding for your LLC Accounting and bookkeeping of your LLCs financial transactions The management structure of an LLC How to run an LLC using the Operating Agreement How LLCs are taxed Your rights as a member of an LLC Your obligations as a member of an LLC Things you need to avoid for the success of your LLC The limitations of an LLC The simple procedure of changing the LLCs membership The simple procedure of dissolving an LLC Reasons that lead to involuntary dissolution and how to handle it How to get back into business after dissolution of the LLC The difference between an LLC and a corporation If youre the owner of a small company that would like to bring in partners or would just like the protection a limited liability company offers then keep reading to find out how incorporating can help you Buy your copy today

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