Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Food Rights: The Escalating Battle Over Who Decides What We Eat

By | September 26, 2018
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Food Rights: The Escalating Battle Over Who Decides What We Eat Author David E. Gumpert
ISBN-10 1603584048
ISBN-13 9781603584043
Year 2013-06-05
Pages 264
Language English
Publisher Chelsea Green Publishing
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Do Americans have the right to privately obtain the foods of our choice from farmers neighbors and local producers in the same way our grandparents and great grandparents used to do Yes say a growing number of people increasingly afraid that the mass produced food sold at supermarkets is excessively processed tainted with antibiotic residues and hormones and lacking in important nutrients These people a million or more are seeking foods outside the regulatory system like raw milk custom slaughtered beef and pastured eggs from chickens raised without soy purchased directly from private membership only food clubs that contract with Amish and other farmers Public health and agriculture regulators however say no Americans have no inherent right to eat what they want In today s ever more dangerous food safety environment they argue all food no matter the source must be closely regulated and even barred if it fails to meet certain standards These regulators headed up by the U S Food and Drug Administration with help from state agriculture departments police and district attorney detectives are mounting intense and sophisticated investigative campaigns against farms and food clubs supplying privately exchanged food even handcuffing and hauling off to jail under threat of lengthy prison terms those deemed in violation of food laws Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Food Rights takes readers on a disturbing cross country journey from Maine to California through a netherworld of Amish farmers paying big fees to questionable advisers to avoid the quagmire of America s legal system secret food police lurking in vans at farmers markets cultish activists preaching the benefits of pathogens U S Justice Department lawyers clashing with local sheriffs small Maine towns passing ordinances to ban regulation and suburban moms worried enough about the dangers of supermarket food that they ll risk fines and jail to feed their children unprocessed and unregulated foods of their choosing Out of the intensity of this unprecedented crackdown and the creative and spirited opposition that is rising to meet it a new rallying cry for food rights is emerging

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