Into Africa: The Epic Adventures of Stanley and Livingstone

By | October 30, 2019
Into Africa: The Epic Adventures of Stanley and Livingstone Author Martin Dugard
ISBN-10 0767910745
ISBN-13 9780767910743
Year 2004-04-13
Pages 368
Language English
Publisher Broadway Books
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With the utterance of a single lineDoctor Livingstone I presume a remote meeting in the heart of Africa was transformed into one of the most famous encounters in exploration history But the true story behind Dr David Livingstone and journalist Henry Morton Stanley is one that has escaped telling Into Africa is an extraordinarily researched account of a thrilling adventuredefined by alarming foolishness intense courage and raw human achievement In the mid 1860s exploration had reached a plateau The seas and continents had been mapped the globe circumnavigated Yet one vexing puzzle remained unsolved what was the source of the mighty Nile river Aiming to settle the mystery once and for all Great Britain called upon its legendary explorer Dr David Livingstone who had spent years in Africa as a missionary In March 1866 Livingstone steered a massive expedition into the heart of Africa In his path lay nearly impenetrable uncharted terrain hostile cannibals and deadly predators Within weeks the explorer had vanished without a trace Years passed with no word While debate raged in England over whether Livingstone could be foundor rescuedfrom a place as daunting as Africa James Gordon Bennett Jr the brash American newspaper tycoon hatched a plan to capitalize on the worlds fascination with the missing legend He would send a young journalist Henry Morton Stanley into Africa to search for Livingstone A drifter with great ambition but little success to show for it Stanley undertook his assignment with gusto filing reports that would one day captivate readers and dominate the front page of the New York Herald Tracing the amazing journeys of Livingstone and Stanley in alternating chapters author Martin Dugard captures with breathtaking immediacy the perils and challenges these men faced Woven into the narrative Dugard tells an equally compelling story of the remarkable transformation that occurred over the course of nine years as Stanley rose in power and prominence and Livingstone found himself alone and in mortal danger The first book to draw on modern research and to explore the combination of adventure politics and larger than life personalities involved Into Africa is a riveting read

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