Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life

By | June 24, 2017
Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life Author Amy Krouse Rosenthal
ISBN-10 1400080460
ISBN-13 9781400080465
Year 2005-12-06
Pages 240
Language English
Publisher Broadway Books
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From the author of the viral Modern Love column You May Want to Marry My Husband In Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life Amy Krouse Rosenthal has ingeniously adapted the centuries old format of the encyclopedia to convey the accumulated knowledge of her lifetime in a poignant wise often funny fully realized memoir Using mostly short entries organized from A to Z many of which are cross referenced Rosenthal captures in wonderful and episodic detail the moments observations and emotions that comprise a contemporary life Start anywherepreferably at the beginningand see how one young womans alphabetized existence can open up and define the world in new and unexpected ways An ordinary life perhaps but an extraordinary book Cross section of ordinary life at this exact moment A security guard is loosening his belt A couple is at a sushi restaurant with some old friends They are reminiscing In the back of their minds they are thinking of being home A woman is trying to suck on a cherry Lifesaver but will end up biting it in six seconds A little boy is riding the train home with his dad after spending the day together at his office A man is running back into a grocery store to look for a scarf he dropped He will leave with the phone number of a woman who will become his wife Words the author meant to use Flair Luxurious Panoply Churlish Dainty Folly Wines that go nicely with this book reds Marcel Lapierre Morgon France Alario Dolcetto dAlba Costa Fiore Italy whites King Estate Pinot Gris Oregon Landmark Chardonnay Overlook California Book standing in the bookstore holding a If I am standing there with the book in my hand one of three things has already happened Friend recommended it Read a good review Cover caught my eye I can appreciate a cool cover But its like the extra credit part of a testit only enhances an already solid grade Getting it right wont help if most everything else is wrong And getting it wrong wont hurt if most everything else is right There are countless books I cherish whose covers I dont like too much or cannot even now recall The interior of the bookthe terrain of its pages where all those words took me the tiny but very real spot it ultimately occupies in my mindthat becomes the book Next I go to the flaps The front flap needs to intrigue not bore me and the bio needs to tell me just enough about the author Ill do my best to extract the authors entire existence from their 2 X 2 inch photo Off to the back cover Ill be momentarily impressed when I see a blurb by a hot writer like but I know that it is just as likely that Ill like the book as hate it regardless of these quotes I look at them in a more voyeuristic way like a literary gapers delay Wow the author knows So and So Bet they send each other clever text messages Really the only thing I can gauge from the blurbs is my own pathetic jealousy level To get a true sense of the book I have to spend a minute inside Ill glance at the first couple pages then flip to the middle see if the language matches me somehow Its like dating only with sentences Some sentences no matter how well dressed or nice just dont do it for me Others I click with instantly It could be something as simple yet weirdly potent as a single word choice tangerine Were meant to be that sentence and me And when it happens you just know

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