DTP’s 2017 NFL Draft Guide: The Most Honest, Unbiased and Completely Raw NFL Draft Guide on the Market Today

By | June 24, 2017
DTP's 2017 NFL Draft Guide: The Most Honest, Unbiased and Completely Raw NFL Draft Guide on the Market Today Author Daniel Parlegreco
ISBN-10 154424326X
ISBN-13 9781544243269
Year 2017-03-08
Pages 316
Language English
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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The Best 2017 Draft Guide Out There The Most Honest Unbiased and Completely Raw NFL Draft Guide on the Market TodayWith 250 prospects in this guide and 80 000 words written I believe I did just that I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the in depth analysis grades and player fits on each and every single player in this years guide I even includes all the up to date sizes and measurements from the combine for each player But why should you buy THIS guide and who exactly am I Well Im a normal guy just like you except that I watch college football tape for fun and write pages and pages of notes on almost every single eligible player for the draft Yes you can say Im a dork I also write my reports in such a way that everyone can understand even the casual football fan I dont use fancy scout lingo or terms that make you wonder what the heck is he talking about Ive been doing this for 5 years now and Ive hit a lot more on players then I miss I write for multiple publications and have been recognized by many when it comes to my draft evaluations The other thing that separates me is I dont write or grade players based on what the talking heads on TV or on the internet say about players I come to my own conclusions whether popular or unpopular Of course Im wrong on occasion like every single evaluator out there but Im right A LOT Just for instance in December of 2015 I said Carson Wentz was the best QB in the 2016 NFL Draft At the time he was considered a late round draft pick by most Many evaluators hadnt even heard of him yet others blasted me and said Im crazy and hes an undraftable guy coming from FCS level North Dakota State That is just 1 small example I cant promise you that Ill be right on all these players but I can promise you that every single player in this guide I came to my own opinion about after watching the tape I had no pre conceived ideas about any of these players nor do I have a college football team affiliation Im not biased nor am I non objectionable With that being said Im more excited then ever about this draft class There is so much depth at so many positions it is hard to find a weak spot in this draft Some will say QB but I disagree wholeheartedly I think there could easily be 3 franchise QBs in this draft class Lets get into it my 2017 Draft Evaluations

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