Desiring Arabs

By | June 25, 2017
Desiring Arabs Author Joseph A. Massad
ISBN-10 0226509591
ISBN-13 9780226509594
Year 2008-09-15
Pages 472
Language English
Publisher University Of Chicago Press
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Sexual desire has long played a key role in Western judgments about the value of Arab civilization In the past Westerners viewed the Arab world as licentious and Western intolerance of sex led them to brand Arabs as decadent but asWestern society became more sexually open the supposedly prudish Arabs soon became viewed as backward Rather than focusing exclusively on how these views developed in the West in Desiring Arabs Joseph A Massad reveals the history of how Arabs represented their own sexual desires To this aim he assembles a massive and diverse compendium of Arabic writing from the nineteenth century to the present in order to chart the changes in Arab sexual attitudes and their links to Arab notions of cultural heritage and civilization A work of impressive scope and erudition Massads chronicle of both the history and modern permutations of the debate over representations of sexual desires and practices in the Arab world is a crucial addition to our understanding of a frequently oversimplified and vilified culture A pioneering work on a very timely yet frustratingly neglected topic I know of no other study that can even begin to compare with the detail and scope of this work Khaled El Rouayheb Middle East ReportIn Desiring Arabs Edward Saids disciple Joseph A Massad corroborates his mentors thesis that orientalist writing was racist and dehumanizing Massad brilliantly goes on to trace the legacy of this racist internalized orientalist discourse up to the present Financial Times

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