Dear Lover: A Woman’s Guide To Men, Sex, And Love’s Deepest Bliss

By | October 3, 2017
Dear Lover: A Woman's Guide To Men, Sex, And Love's Deepest Bliss Author David Deida
ISBN-10 1591792606
ISBN-13 9781591792604
Year 2004-12-01
Pages 184
Language English
Publisher Sounds True
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Every woman knows the fairy tale find the right man give him what he wants and needs and he ll love you forever But when the myth you ve been asked to believe fails to deliverwhen you sense you ve been settling for far less than you know in your heart is possiblehow do you attract and keep a man capable of meeting what you most passionately yearn for In Dear Lover David Deida explores every aspect of the feminine practice of spiritual intimacy from sexuality and lovemaking to family and career to emotions trust and commitment Written as a collection of letters from a man to his dear lover here is this internationally acclaimed writer s invitation to practice love as a living art as you discover Why your man is always your choiceand how to pick the man of deep integrity who will satisfy the needs of your body heart and spiritSexual essence and the three stages of loving how to understand your fluctuating capacity to experience divine connection with anotherKnowing when to end a relationship and how to deal with the him shaped void your absent man leaves behindDaily exercises to help you and your partner move from separation to openness in two bodies devotional trust Ultimately what every woman wants it to give and receive love fully Whether youre partnered or alone Dear Lover reveals that your love is the same love that years to open at everybodys heart You will attract and inspire a man as willing and able to open as you are Constant yearning is the call to open and give yourself to all as loves offering Contents 1 You Are Love 2 Chocolate Love 3 Yearning Is the Key to Love 4 The Gift of Making Love 5 Spiritual Sexiness 6 Orgasmic Love 7 Love and Fear 8 Your Sexual Essence 9 Your True Heart and Its Shells 10 Offering or Betraying Your Heart 11 The Two Bodied Play of Love 12 Loving Larger Than Fear 13 Trusting Your Man to Open You 14 You Attract Your Reciprocal 15 Why Men Hold Back 16 Your Force of Attraction 17 Your Man is Your Choice 18 Expressing Pleasure and Hurt 19 Masculine Insensitivity 20 How to Stay Open 21 Opening Beyond an Impasse 22 Ending Relationships and the Him Shaped Void 23 Three Stages of Loving 24 Love is a Living Art 25 Showing Your Hearts Light in Public 26 Choosing Abuse and Refusing Love 27 Wanting to Be Opened 28 A Summary of Trusting and Opening 29 GoodbyeExcerpt Dear Reader I offer the following chapters to you as if you were my lover Although you may be single or married I offer these words to you as I would do my beloved We may never meet but I want to give you the opportunity to feel your heart through mine For years I have taught workshops around the world opening with women and men while they share their deepest hearts desires It seems we often come to know ourselves most deeply through the heart of someone who loves us who is willing to open and see us as we truly are who is willing to listen and feel our hearts yearning To give and receive love fullythis is our hearts true desire yours and mine The yearning you feel in your heart is the same yearning that everyone feels By feeling your hearts yearning through nine I hope you will come to know yourself more deeply through the many hearts that have opened together in trust and allowed these words to emerge All hearts want to open to God or the boundless flow of divine love You may or may not be a religious person and still your heart years to open without bounds to be seen and to be offered without limits This is what I mean by open to Godto open and feel everything and everyones heart as a divine expression of love Praise for Dear Lover In the area of sacred intimacy David Deida is holding a lightning bolt He sheds an astonishing light Marianne Williamson Author of A Womans Worth As a woman Ive never felt so understood and validated Finally a clear and brilliant guide to unraveling the mystery of relationships Marci Shimoff Co author of the New York Times bestseller Chicken Soup for the Womans Soul I feel that Deida has reached a new level of poetic genius in his writing and his understanding of feminine psychology astounds me Miranda Shaw PhD Author of Passionate Enlightenment Women in Tantric Buddhism We all taste God taste Goddess taste pure spirit in those moments of sexual rapture and wise men and women have always used that rapture to reveal Spirits innermost secrets David Deida is such a wise one Ken Wilber Author of Grace and Grit

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