Daniel Grace

By | December 3, 2019
Daniel Grace Author Mr. Daniel Joseph Ellner
ISBN-10 151421637X
ISBN-13 9781514216378
Year 2015-06-03
Pages 110
Language English
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Daniel Grace is a first person account of the events in Daniel Graces life that lead up to his suicide attempt during his freshman year in college Fourteen year old Daniel Grace experiences the onset of puberty with emotional and social conflict over his sexuality He is attracted to boys but cannot admit this to himself or others as he fears being ostracized by his friends and family In an effort to fit in with his brothers and peers he recklessly rides his motorcycle smokes marijuana participates in a robbery has sex with girls and turns to drugs One day in his junior year of high school he meets a boy named Joseph who is several months younger He and Joseph fall in love and become very intimate but Daniel cannot accept his feelings for Joseph for fear of being ostracized my his brothers family and friends When Joseph declares his strong feelings for Daniel Daniel rejects him Joseph is severely beaten by members of a neighborhood gang and has to be hospitalized After his release from the hospital Joseph becomes obsessed with his love for Daniel and sends him a series of text messages declaring his love in spite of Daniels pleas to stop sending the messages Choosing his family brothers and friends over Joseph Daniel refuses to have any further contact with him once he comes out as gay Feeling desperate and rejected Joseph jumps off a bridge into the bay of the town where he and Daniel live letting Daniel know Josephs body is discovered and the town high school honors Joseph at the funeral ceremony Because of his friendship with Joseph Daniel is the subject of innuendo from his peers and he is teased about being gay which he denies Daniel feels responsible though for his friends death and falls into a depression When Daniels little brother Linden is diagnosed with leukemia Daniel volunteers to care for him The time he spends with Linden is a redeeming period for him A few years before his illness Linden had announced to his family that he was gay but Daniel believed at the time that Linden was just talking and didnt really know what the term meant Now during the course of Lindens illness Daniel comes to appreciate Lindens honesty sincerity and courage in the face of his fatal disease Lindens death hits Daniel hard yet his memory of his brothers courage sustains him During Lindens illness Daniel had applied himself in school studying hard and as a result being chosen as class valedictorian At the schools graduation ceremony Daniel gives a heartfelt speech in which he admits that he is gay and acknowledges his love for Joseph Allowing the reader to see Daniels character development by being to accept himself as a gay and acknowledging his love for Joseph despite the societal risks and consequences of coming out to his Christian family Daniel enters college but finds himself subject to the same kind of homophobic culture that he experienced in high school Again his earlier feelings of rejection and despair resurface as does his unresolved grieving for Joseph and Linden Unable to cope any longer and feeling alone and abandoned he attempts to kill himself Daniel Grace is an account of what happens to one young man living in contemporary rural Mormon America as he struggles to accept his sexuality

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