Cry Havoc

By | December 3, 2017
Cry Havoc Author A. American
ISBN-10 0996696024
ISBN-13 9780996696029
Year 2016-11-11
Pages 346
Language English
Publisher Angery American Enterprises Inc
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The news is full of disturbing events today Theres war and rumors of war Theres the false recovery of the economy Failing faith in the US economy is extremely high Foreign banks have either slowed their purchases of Treasury Bonds or in a few cases begun unloading them We have a current election that is rife with corruption extreme partisanship and outright fraud It would appear the left in the country is ready to do about anything to see their candidate elected While this is very concerning today what does it mean to the election process as a whole What will the next one look like Does anyone believe they will actually improve Or will the next batters up to the ultimate Homeplate simply make it even worse take it even further down the rabbit hole In reality it matters not who wins They can only be there for eight years But the election sets precedent for the next one and the next one will push the limits even further if there is one Weve all heard of the spooky bank holiday This sort of thing usually happens on a weekend and on Monday morning you simply cannot access your account You have no access to your money Dont think it can happen Neither did the people of Greece Or Germany when they were limited to fifty Euros a day What would you do Do you keep cash on hand Do you trust your bank If you put twenty thousand dollars into the bank and then ask for ten thousand back you have to fill out forms and justify your need for it Then they tell the government about it and you face further sanctions Here in America we think were free Well we are currently listed as number twenty on the scale of freedom Think about that Number twenty Chile is ahead of us But we have our guns and all of those other countries dont And indeed we do for now But what if if they were to take those away What do we do then And before you say you would take to the streets and fight back think for a minute what that really means Then watch a few videos on Syria or Ukraine Its all fun and games until someone puts a tank main gun round through your house What follows is just one idea of what this could look like Im not saying this is the way it would go Its just some thoughts on it On how people could act What the government may do in response and how people might respond in turn

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