By | January 23, 2018
Bluebird Author Tempel ov Blood
ISBN-10 0997836369
ISBN-13 9780997836363
Year 2017-04-14
Pages 502
Language English
Publisher Martinet Press
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A thirteen year old girl in a futuristic setting after a year of rigorous cult programming and systematic abuse at the hands of a brutal paramilitary organization finds herself installed as a deity representing the embodiment of chemical and radiological warfare in a disease ridden DMZ type border area between the paramilitary organization with whom she enlisted and the gateway to areas of unknown nuclear war devastated territories from which she came In the sequel to the narrative that began with IRON GATES this volume descends deeper into the cult of the commandant its myriad conspiracies layered agendas and internal practices as well as a revealing of the hitherto secret origin points of the organization and the hideous despots at its helm Contains extreme graphic content

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