Black Book: Book 1

By | October 31, 2019
Black Book: Book 1 Author Dylan Jones
ISBN-10 152052059X
ISBN-13 9781520520599
Year 2017-02-03
Pages 122
Language English
Publisher Independently published
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THE TOP 5 BESTSELLER Book 1 in a 3 part serialisation I highly recommend it for the storytelling world building and quality of writing The New Podler Review of Books A lightning fast paced action packed sci fi thriller for fans of Stephen King s Dark Tower and Lee Child s Jack Reacher Sheriff Jack is a no nonsense soldier from the future trapped in the Wild West He must find and protect the sacred Black Book before someone or something else does The clock is already ticking for humankind but for Jack the countdown has only just begun Readers Reviews Fast paced and exciting from the get go you ll probably end up reading the whole thing in one sitting I couldn t put it down Great read This book is totally a breath of fresh air when it comes to sci fi novels Just great fantasy writing If you re a fan of sci fi action then this book is for you It s a story that mixes Western science fiction and fantasy into a quest that spans centuries Highly recommended to fans of both sci fis and westerns who are looking for an interesting read What a treat Black Book is a real winner Time travel Old West Future Earth and a whole what s up story Loved the book interesting mix of sci fi fantasy and Western Would definitely recommend to all This mix of Hollywood cowboys and stranded time travellers from the future blends into a compelling tale A great story Jones has sweated a lot of effort and great writing into this novel and I appreciate it Well done sir

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