Berserk, Vol. 27

By | July 17, 2019
Berserk, Vol. 27 Author Kentaro Miura
ISBN-10 1593079230
ISBN-13 9781593079239
Year 2009-01-28
Pages 224
Language English
Publisher Dark Horse Manga
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Now equipped with the mystical Berserker Armor Guts fights on against the dragon form of Grunbeld and his legion of fanatic apostle soldiers But the very armor that holds Guts together in a nightmarishly literal sense might be the last straw that tears his tortured mind apart While Guts struggles to hold his own against his inner demons monsters of a very different sort rally in Windham as the Kushan Emperor Ganishka and the newly reborn Griffith rally their forces in a head to head struggle for control of all of Midland But when the dust finally settles there may be little left of the kingdom to claim

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