Beating Cancer with Nutrition (Fourth Edition) Rev

By | December 4, 2017
Beating Cancer with Nutrition (Fourth Edition) Rev Author Patrick Quillin
ISBN-10 096383729X
ISBN-13 9780963837295
Year 2005-05-24
Pages 414
Language English
Publisher Nutrition Times Press Inc
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There is good news in the war on cancer Optimal nutrition coupled with appropriate medical treatment can dramatically improve the quality and quantity of life and chances for a complete remission for most cancer patients A well nourished cancer patient can better manage the disease Cancer is the number two cause of death in America and the developed nations of the world with one out of four dying from cancer and 38 of women and 43 of men projected to develop cancer over their lifetime While the overall death rate from cancer has not appreciably declined since the start of the multi trillion dollar war on cancer in 1971 there is good news from the nutrition arena Optimal nutrition can reduce the risks of developing cancer by up to 90 hence it is a strong preventative tool for everyone And nutrition can dramatically improve quality and quantity of life for the millions of patients who are being medically treated for cancer This book provides a well documented approach for using an aggressive nutrition plan of food and supplements to 1 reverse or avoid the common malnutrition that kills 42 of cancer patients 2 make chemo and radiation more of a selective toxin thus protecting the patients cells while making the cancer cells more vulnerable to medical elimination 3 slow cancer by limiting the amount of sugar available in the blood and gut for the glucose dependent cancer cells 4 stimulate the immune system which is in charge of killing all unwanted cells in the body such as cancer 5 using foods and nutrition supplements as biological response modifiers to upregulate the body s built in mechanism for eliminating cancer cells such as apoptosis programmed cell death There are many scientifically supported nutrition factors that can slow or discourage cancer cells including fish oil phytoallexins from red and green fruits and vegetables vitamin D and much much more This 400 page book includes An audio CD for those who are too sick or tired to read A clever executive summary for those who want the main bullet points without reading the whole book A tear out two sided color chart with rating your foods and better seasonings to tape on your refrigerator An extensive chapter on meal plans and recipes to make practical cancer fighting foods tasty and convenient A comprehensive program for the cancer patient to use in conjunction with his or her doctor s best medical care The author Dr Quillin spent 10 years as vice president of nutrition for Cancer Treatment Centers of America a nationwide network of cancer hospitals having counseled thousands of cancer patients and working with oncologists to provide synergism between medicine and nutrition Quillin also organized 3 international scientific conferences on nutrition and cancer edited the textbook ADJUVANT NUTRITION IN CANCER TREATMENT and has many legitimate credentials in clinical nutrition bachelor s master s doctorate degrees in nutrition registered and licensed dietitian RD certified nutrition specialist CNS to support the credibility of this book BEATING CANCER WITH NUTRITION has become the definitive book on this subject was a bestseller on amazon com in 1999 has been translated into 5 other languages and has received high praise from cancer patients and doctors alike Originally published in 1994 this book had complete rewrites and updates in 1998 2001 and the most current version in 2005 This book empowers the patient to be a part of their own recovery from cancer The positive reviews from cancer patients and family members posted on amazon com speak for themselves This program works

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