Anything Is Possible: A Novel

By | February 2, 2018
Anything Is Possible: A Novel Author Elizabeth Strout
ISBN-10 273
Year 2017-04-25
Pages NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER An unforgettable cast of small town characters copes with love and loss in this new work of fiction by 1 bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Strout Recalling Olive Kitteridge in its richness structure and complexity Anything Is Possible explores the whole range of human emotion through the intimate dramas of people struggling to understand themselves and others Here are two sisters One trades self respect for a wealthy husband while the other finds in the pages of a book a kindred spirit who changes her life The janitor at the local school has his faith tested in an encounter with an isolated man he has come to help a grown daughter longs for mother love even as she comes to accept her mothers happiness in a foreign country and the adult Lucy Barton the heroine of My Name Is Lucy Barton the authors celebrated New York Times bestseller returns to visit her siblings after seventeen years of absence Reverberating with the deep bonds of family and the hope that comes with reconciliation Anything Is Possible again underscores Elizabeth Strouts place as one of Americas most respected and cherished authors Praise for Anything Is PossibleWhen Elizabeth Strout is on her game is there anybody better This is a generous wry book abouteverydaylives and Strout crawls so far inside her characters you feel you inhabit them This is a book that earns its title Try reading it without tears or wonder USA Today four stars Readers who lovedMy Name Is Lucy Barton are in for a real treat Strout is a master of the story cycle form She paints cumulative portraits of the heartache and soul of small town America by giving each of her characters a turn under her sympathetic spotlight NPR These stories return Strout to the core of what she does more magnanimously than anyone else which is to render quiet portraits of the indignities and disappointments of normal life and the moments of grace and kindness we are gifted in response Strout hits the target yet again The Washington Post In this wise and accomplished book pain and healing exist in perpetual dependence like feuding siblings The Wall Street Journal Anything Is Possible confirms Strout as one of our most grace filled and graceful writers The Boston GlobeIn Elizabeth StroutsAnything Is Possible her stunning follow up toMy Name Is Lucy Barton a famous author returns to the Midwestern hometown of her childhood touching off a daisy chain of stories narrated by those who knew hermemories of trauma and goodwill resentments small and large and the ever widening gulf between haves and have nots Strout always good just keeps getting better Vogue If you miss the charmingly eccentric and completely relatable characters from Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Strouts best selling My Name Is Lucy Barton youll be happily reunited with them in Strouts smart and soulful Anything Is Possible ElleStrout pierces the inner worlds of these characters most private behaviors illuminating the emotional conflicts and pure joy of being human of finding oneself in the search for the American dream NYLON
Language English
Publisher Random House
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