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The Dray Prescot Series

A rousing adventure series of the science fiction "sword and planet" sub-genre. Comprised of fifty three novels and numerous related short stories written by Alan Burt Akers, a pseudonym of Kenneth Bulmer. The series consists of eleven cycles of novels with each cycle forming a series within the series. There are four novels and three short stories that are stand-alone narratives which fall outside the system of cycles. Each tale is narrated in the first person by the central figure who is Dray Prescott. The later volumes were by lined "by Dray Prescot as told to Alan Burt Akers" to make it appear that fictional Dray Prescot was the real author.

The first thirty-seven titles were published by DAW Books from December 1972 to April 1988. Later volumes were published only in German by Wilhelm Heyne Verlag from 1991 to 1998, except for volumes 38 to 41, which were also issued by electronic publisher Savanti, as ebooks in the English language from September 1995 to December of 1998. Savanti is no longer in business. Mushroom eBooks picked up publishing the series as English language ebooks of the saga.

The setting for this series is the fictional world of the planet Kregen, a planet of the Antares star system in the constellation of Scorpio. Seeded with intelligent life-forms from other worlds, Kregen, being similar to earth, is also inhabited by human beings.

Earthman Dray Prescot, an English sailor of Nelson's navy is mysteriously teleported to the planet Kregen. Carrying out various missions and rising to power he secures his place on Kregen, and marries his beloved Delia. Prescot's ongoing goals include the suppression of slavery in Paz and building a coalition against the marauding Shanks, a Viking-like race of fish-headed Diffs who raid the coasts of Paz from a base in the opposite hemisphere of Kregen.

The cycles are:
The Delian Cycle
The Havilfar Cycle
The Krozair Cycle
The Vallian Cycle
The Jikaida Cycle
The Spikatur Cycle
The Pandahem Cycle
The Witch War Cycle
The Lohvian Cycle
The Balintol Cycle
The Phantom Cycle
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