Ctrl+Shift+Enter : Mastering Excel Array Formulas

Ctrl+Shift+Enter : Mastering Excel Array Formulas

Book Title: Ctrl+Shift+Enter : Mastering Excel Array Formulas

Author: Mike Girvin


Publication Date: 01 Jun 2013

ISBN-13: 9781615470082

Created for heavy-duty users who prefer a visual learning experience, this DVD-ROM is an all-encompassing video edition of Ctrl+Shift+Enter Mastering Excel Formulas. Users have the option of choosing a topic of interest from an assortment of videos featured on the menu, and once viewing the segment, they may click a link adjacent to the video to launch the Excel file featured in the segment. Compatible with Macs or PCs and narrated throughout, the DVD-ROM can function as a stand-alone educational tool or be used to enhance the understanding of the book's contents. With this tutorial, power users will learn to create formulas that solve everyday problems with a series of data values that standard Excel formulas cannot or would be too arduous to attempt. Among the topics covered are the differences between array and standard Excel formulas, which functions are appropriate for their usage, and criteria for extracting data and lists.