Managing Information Services : An Innovative Approach

Managing Information Services : An Innovative Approach

Book Title: Managing Information Services : An Innovative Approach

Author: David Bawden

Format: Paperback | 360 pages

Publication Date: 05 May 2016

ISBN-13: 9781472455291

This fourth edition of Jo Bryson's highly regarded Managing Information Services has been thoroughly revised with an emphasis on innovation. Operating in a digital era, libraries must innovate to survive and grow. This means librarians having radical ideas which challenge the status quo, shifting strategic directions to change the way services are managed, and developing new skills and knowledge. Challenges include developing new uses for floorspace, where shelving is being replaced by mobile networking, and new practices and procedures for managing new products such as e-books and self-service. Libraries can achieve long term sustainability by information managers having more creative responses and developing innovative thinking. Essential reading for information students, this text also serves as a comprehensive and detailed reference on the key management topics for information service managers.