Sea Monsters Colouring Book

Sea Monsters Colouring Book

Book Title: Sea Monsters Colouring Book

Author: Christy Shaffer

Format: Paperback | 32 pages

Publication Date: 23 Dec 1998

ISBN-13: 9780486405629

Since ancient times, there have been tales of immense, nightmarish creatures inhabiting the unexplored depths of the sea. Many were mythical beasts, merely the product of overactive imaginations; but many other so-called monsters of the deep do indeed exist.
For anyone intrigued by the idea of these strange and mysterious behemoths, this coloring book provides 30 carefully researched, finely detailed black-and-white renderings of such fanciful animals as the Kraken, the Tusked Pig Whale of Mozambique, the Physeter, and the Great Bardfysshe. Also included are some true giants of the sea like the double-crested crocodile, the Komodo dragon, and the sperm whale, among others. Such a book as this would be incomplete without the Loch Ness monster, whose existence on the basis of continued sightings is debated to this day. All the animals are recreated in a variety of exciting scenes; and the captions that accompany each ready-to-color illustration also make this an entertaining and informative review of a fascinating subject.