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Red Letter Days A Book of Holiday Customs Sechrist


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A Book of Holiday Customs Compiled by Elizabeth H. Sechrist Illustrated by Guy Fry
Special edition published by E. M. Hale and Company
copyright 1940

An interesting and informative book with stories explaining how the holiday came to be.

Here you will find poems for all the special days going right through the year from January and its holidays to Christmas. It includes such days as Inauguration Day, Robert E. Lee's Birthday, Roosevelt's Birthday, Red Cross Day, Ash Wednesday, Bird Day, Armed Forces Day, Pioneer Day, United Nations Day, and many other less known holidays, as well as an the traditional days.

It is impossible to study the history of our holidays without being conscious of the history and growth of the peoples who observed them. Throughout the nations of the world certain days are observed which have a significance to that country alone, holidays that have developed with the nation. In this book it did not seem necessary to include any except those that were similar to or comparable with some holiday of our own. However, many of the holidays inherited from the Old World are colored with ancient customs reflecting the manners and customs of a world of the past,—the ancient Romans, the Celts of Britain, the Medieval English and the peasants of Ireland, Scotland and Wales, as well as our own Colonial ancestors. When we observe these old holidays today we are keeping alive in the present the traditions of the past, for they have a foothold so firmly rooted that modern ways cannot push them completely from the calendar. Let us hope that it will be a long, long time before these colorful customs vanish.


9 preface
15 story of the calendar
27 new year's day
41 lincoln's birthday
51 st. valentine's day
59 washington's birthday
67 st. patrick's day
77 easter
89 april fools' day
96 arbor day
107 pan-american day
118 may day
132 mother's day and children's day
142 memorial day
148 flag day
158 independence day
166 columbus day
 l74 hallowe'en and all saints' and all souls'
188 armistice day
196 thanksgiving day
205 Christmas
226 other holidays feast days and fast days
241 bibliography
245 index

A previous school library book with the typical markings and edge/corner fray and random lightly penciled check marks. One page, 118, has a corner chip which affects the first word of the last sentence on the page. Otherwise the cover and pages are intact.


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